Flexit Drink 400g (Nutrend) PEACH

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Flexit Drink 400g (Nutrend)

Flexit Drink 400g (Nutrend)

  • The most complete form of joint protection
  • A wide range of ingredients
  • Joints protection and repair
  • Necessary for strength athletes

Glucosamine is a body s natural substance, which is produced in the body from the blood sugar. It is important for the mobility of joints; it plays a crucial role in connective tissue synthesis, it reduces catabolic processes in joint cartilages. Glucosamine is the precursor of chondroitin.

Chondroitine sulfate – is a basic building block for connective tissues formation and repair.  Its sufficiency protects cartilage from destruction and damage. Scientific studies showed that chondroitin sulfate is a natural, alternative nutritional supplement for arthrosis. The addition of selected effective substances considerably improves effectiveness of gelatin hydrolysate and chondroitin sulfate and finishes the highly effective composition of the product.

Hyalurone acid – in the cartilage it is a chief component of the intercellular matrix - joint fluid, which it provides with softness, elasticity and viscosity. A molecule structure of hyaluronic acid causes its ability - even when the concentration is low - to bind many water molecules by forming a viscous gel, which gives the connective tissue the ability to resist external pressure.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – is an organic sulfur compound, which is commonly present in human body. It participates in formation of collagen fiber structure. Due to its antioxidant activity it assists in protection of cartilage from damage caused by free radicals. Sulfur in MSM helps form basic amino acids like methionine and cysteine.
L-Proline – an amino acid absolutely necessary for collagen formation, it speeds up regeneration of damaged cartilage and ligament.
Vitamins C, B6, D3 – they support vital functions, stimulate curative processes and contribute to the body s immunity.
Calcium – is necessary for bone formation
Magnesium – works together with calcium, is necessary for nerve and muscle activity, so called “antistress” mineral.

For protection of existing connective tissue: once a day 10gr = 1/2 scoop in the morning on an empty stomach.
    In case of an increased wear and tear and states of damage: once a day 20g= 1 scoop, in the morning on an empty stomach.

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