TheraBand Kinesiology Tape

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TheraBand Kinesiology Tape

What are kinesiology tapes (ktape, kinesiotape, kt tape) and what are the benefits?


What is the difference between Thera-Band Ktape and other sports tapes?


In recent years, more and more athletes, patients and physiotherapists have used these colorful stickers on their bodies (mainly shoulders, knees, waists, forearms, calves etc).


These stickers are called kinesiology tapes (Athletic tapes, kinesio tape, KTape, kt tape etc.) and apply to the skin with various benefits for patients and people engaged in fitness, some of benefits, according to the literature, will be mentioned below:

 a) Light support and support for injured muscles and tendons without limiting the range of motion.

 b) Pain relief (and chronic pain relief), since the application of the kinesiology tape slightly lifts the skin, thereby reducing the pressure applied by the nerve receptors under the skin at that point.

 c) Reduction of edema and inflammation, since by reducing the pressure at the point, the lymphatic fluid is better channeled.

 d) Faster recovery of the over-trained muscles, since through the better circulation achieved using kinetic tape, flashing by-products of training e.g. the lactic acid present in the tired muscles, allowing more oxygenated blood to pass through and rejuvenate them.

 e) Better blood supply locally and thus the prevention of muscle cramps and cramps.



What is the difference between Thera-Band tapes (Therabandkatping)?




Patented XACTSTRECH technology.

Along the kinisiotape are small and large hexagon marker cells that show us the percentage of tape stretch. This is important because depending on the tension we get the result we want (different tension we use to reduce swelling and different tension to support a tendon). With XACTSTRECTH technology we no longer must guess the tension percentage. How does it work? During the extension of the duct tape, the index cells begin to stretch. When decompressing first the small index cell acquires the shape of a regular hexagon (all sides and all angles being equal) so we have a 25% tension around that point. If we continue to apply tension and extend the athletic tape, we will notice that the large index cell acquires a normal six-sided shape, resulting in a 50% stretching rate.

Video application and tutorial for easier and more correct application can be found at

Thera-Band kinesio is water-resistant and ideal for water athletes.

Application up to 5 days

They are hypoallergenic and do not contain latex. Their composition is 97.4% cotton and 2.6% spandex

Research applied on the use of kinetic tape

7 colors and 2 sizes (5m and 31m) to choose the one that suits you

The ultimate Sports Medicine product

Below you can see a graph with the tension of the tape in accordance with the therapeutic result


TheraBand Kinesiology Tape

Featuring best in class adhesion from Cramer® Sports Medicine and an exclusive innovation from TheraBand — XactStretch™ visual hexagon elongation indicators for perfect application every time.


  • Supports Muscles and Joints
  • Provides Pain Relief
  • Lasts up to 5 Days
  • Allergy Tested, Non-irritating
  • Non-latex (not made with natural rubber latex)


The Right Stretch. Every Time.

Exclusive XactStretch™ for trusted application every time.

  • Eliminates waste and poor results
  • Experts and beginners can apply with confidence — the first time and every time
  • Visual hexagon stretch indicators



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