Jamar Plus + Digital Goniometers

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Jamar Plus + Digital Goniometers for physiotherapy

Jamar Plus + Digital Goniometers

The Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer is the perfect goniometer for therapists who are looking for a range of motion tool that is easier to use and more accurate than a standard plastic goniometer. This product features an instant digital read out display to a tenth of a degree for precise, quick measurements. The Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer is ideal for physical and occupational therapists with practices of all sizes. Each goniometer features an one-year limited warranty (battery not covered).

Digital Display

For the most accurate range of motion readings, choose the Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer! Thanks to the digital display measurements, you will be able to press the hold button to keep the current measurement displayed. The number display can be flipped with the press of a button. This provides easy to read measurements that do not need to be read upside-down.

Any Angle Measurements

Measure your patient’s shoulder, elbow, arm, finger, or knee range of motion from any angle. The zero button allows the user to zero-out the goniometer to allow the start angle to be positioned in any position.



  • "Zero" button allows you to zero the goniometer and start your measurement from any position to get an accurate measurement
  • "Hold" button freezes display for easier recording of results
  • Brought to you by the gold standard in hand and grip strength evaluation for over 40 years
  • Features auto shut-off for longer battery life and requires a CR2032 battery (included)
  • Available in 8" and 12.5" versions


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