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High Quality Assessment of the Joints

Documenting the progress of patient rehabilitation treatment has become increasingly important. The EasyAngle has successfully enabled physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to measure all the joints in the body with quick and accurate precision. It is designed to specifically measure cervical, thoracic and lumbar flexion, extension, and rotation around a joint in the body. The one handed device allows therapists to use their other hand to safely guide their patients into different positions.

EasyAngle Replaces Traditional Measurement Devices

The EasyAngle is a high precision sensor designed with accuracy and reliability in mind. The digital goniometer improves long established goniometric functionality with rotation, inclination, and scoliosis measurement capabilities. It replaces traditional assessment tools such as the scoliometer, BROM, CROM, and inclinometer. To use the device, first press the button to access measurement mode. Then align the device along the first limb and press the button to start measuring. Repeat this step with the second limb for accurate angle calculation. Measurements will appear on the screen and if you press the button once again, you can view the last four measurements calculated.

Digital Goniometer Increases Patient Involvement

Is your patient responding to rehabilitation treatments with increasing progression? The EasyAngle has been clinically tested providing evidence that patients are more actively involved in their treatments using the digital goniometer. The device easily displays both recent and past measurement results to communicate progress made through rehabilitation treatments. By sharing the visual feedback with patients, they are better motivated to comply with treatments.


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