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The TheraBand Rehab and Wellness Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation center for in-clinic strength, balance, range of motion, and core training. This comprehensive rehabilitation system for upper and lower extremity strength training features a multi-dimensional, three planes (vertical, horizontal, and transverse) of movement. Users can perform their entire rehab program in one small space, using an integrated approach, instead of requiring multiple stations and pieces of equipment to complete the circuit.



    • Multi-dimensional wall mount system that provides three planes of movement with slide tracks, position indicators and one-hand lockdown to enable easy patient set up, charting and documentation


    • Portable base system with six connection points


    • Includes (2) of each color and size TheraBand Resistance Tubing with Clip Connectors in four progressive levels (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue) and three lengths (12", 18", 24")


    • Includes two sets of both Blue and Green TheraBand stability trainers, one Waist Belt, one Head Strap, one Exercise Bar, two Assist Straps, two Extremity Straps, Two Exercise Handles


  • Also three TheraBand Pro Series SCP Exercise balls (Yellow, Green, Red), exercise CD with ready-to-use printouts and directions for at-home exercise programs and four full color exercise wall posters

Great tool for physiotherapists , occupational therapy , gyms , fitness studios

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