Theraband Pilates Balls Mini

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Theraband Pilates Balls Mini

Theraband Pilates Balls Mini are soft and inflatable to support a range of varied and effective exercises designed to increase core strength in the back and abdominals. Tactile, stretchy PVC makes them perfect for pilates . 3 Different Diameters available (18cm - 22cm-26cm) 

  • Small therapy balls strengthens key muscles in the abdomen, enhances core health, and improves endurance, posture, and balance when used in rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning exercise programs
  • Place small pilates ball under lower back when performing crunches and other ab workouts to create a more challenging and intense abdominal exercise routine
  • Position soft ball between your body and the floor or wall to improve stability, balance, and muscle endurance, especially when used in a shoulder strengthening or core strengthening program
  • Anti-burstr ball is designed to remain elastic and squishy when fully inflated and is slightly textured to stay in place while performing yoga, pilates, or physical therapy exercises
  • Pump not required, can be easily inflated with included tube and breath, 
  • Great for Pilates
  • Ideal for a home gym
  • Available in 3 Different Diameters -colours (18cm - 22cm-26cm) 

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