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GLOBUS GENESY 1500 portable electrotherapy includes all the currents used in the medical field, as well as the 3S and Action Now new technologies.

GLOBUS GENESY 1500 portable electrotherapy features 194 physiotherapy programs:

11 Rehabilitation

33 Pain-Tens

23 Microcurrents

9 Denervation

6 Interferentials

3 Incontinence

1 Ionophoresis

53 Sport Training

29 Fitness

16 Beauty

92 Electrotherapy Menu

84 Action Now

54 Serial Sequential Stimulation "3S".

Substantial consideration was given to making the GLOBUS GENESY 1500 portable electrotherapy device more intuitive and user-friendly.

GLOBUS offers two innovative technologies intended to revolutionize the electrostimulation application in sport and medical fields: the 3S  (Serial Sequential Stimulation) technology and ACTION NOW technology.
“3S” SERIAL SEQUENTIAL STIMOLATION: a real revolution in medical and physiotherapic fields as it permits to stimulate the muscles involved in a sequential manner. In this way the natural movement is repeated thanks to the activation in differentiated times of the muscular groups involved. 
ACTION NOW: it enables to activate the muscular contraction through an external control managed by an operator. In this way it is possible to link the stimulation to the voluntary contraction to obtain a greater recruitment of the muscular fibers and an important coordinating effect. 
”EASY PROGRAM” ELECTROTHERAPY MENU: a section where it is possible to rapidly set a program choosing the desired parameters (time, frequency, body part) and to execute specific treatments using EMS and Russian (Kotz) currents


MULTI-useR: it permits to store up to 25 different users and to create a library of personalized programs depending on individual aims. 
AUTOMATIC MODE (AUTO STIM®): it permits to execute a program in automatic mode with no need of intervening manually in the intensity regulation.
SYNCROSTIM: It is possible to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously using only one button.
RUN TIME FUNCTION: this function permits to modify the time, the frequency and the pulse amplitude during the treatment
PROGRAMMABLE: 15 free memories, only for EMS and TENS.
2+2 MODE: it permits to execute two different programs simultaneously.
FAVORITES: it permits to store up to 30 programs for each user
LAST 10: it stores the last 10 executed programs
WORKING TIME: It indicates the total usage time of the device
MY TRAINER: it shows the electrode position on the display 

The most advanced technology is used to guarantee the most user-friendly and safest use of the stimulator in any treatment situation. GLOBUS GENESY 1500 portable electrotherapy stands out in particular for providing all major medical-type currents: EMS, TENS, MCR, KOTZ, DENERVATED, INTERFERENTIAL and IONOPHORESIS.

GLOBUS GENESY1500 portable electrotherapy is programmable and permits professional users to create and save specific programs with personalized parameters.

Technical features Channels:

4 independent channels
Frequency: 0.3 – 150 Hz
Power: 120 mA per channel
Pulse amplitude: 40 – 450 µs
Waveform: Square biphasic symmetrical compensated wave
Power supply: Mains or battery

Package also includes: 1 carrying case, 4 electrode connection cables, 1 charger, 4 electrodes mm 50 x 50, 4 electrodes mm 50 x 90 and 1 user manual.

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