TheraBand Spikes Massage Balls

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Thera Band Massage Balls

TheraBand® Massage Balls with spikes are used for reflex zone massage, improves circulation and relaxation. The massage Balls are delivered with a needle valve for individual pressure setting. 

The spikes can be used for the massage of hands and feet. Place the massage ball into the hand for a hand massage or put the massage ball on the floor and roll with your foot on it for a foot massage. 

The balls have a good and firm grip and have a long lifespan. The massage balls can be used even in the water. The balls are available in different sizes.

The Thera-Band Massage Balls are available in four diameters:

  • Orange: 6 cm
  • Yellow: 8 cm
  • Red: 9 cm
  • Blue: 10 cm

Specifications Thera-Band Massage Balls:

  • Available in 4 diameters: 6, 8, 9 and 10 cm
  • Good and firm grip, pleasant spikes
  • Suitable for hand and foot massages
  • Fosters the blood circulation, sensitizes after surgeries and provides relaxed muscles


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