Thera-Band CLX (Consecutive Loop) 22m Silver / Super Heavy Elastic Band

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Thera-Band ClΧ Consecutive Loops 22m
Ασημί/Super Heavy (4.64kg)

From the creators of the "smallest fitness studio in the world": The new latex-free TheraBand CLX continues the success of the popular TheraBand exercise resistance band. It consists of strings strung together (patented Easy Grip Loop system), which make it easy to grip and fasten the straps. This creates individual grip options and new training options for simple, versatile and progressive resistance training without complex windings or knots of the band.

The TheraBand CLX resistance band fulfills the functions of several training devices in one: exercise band, exercise loops (minibands) or resistance tubes. Additional handles are not absolutely necessary thanks to the clever loop system. Theraband CLX is suitable for all training situations from physiotherapy to athletic training and, with its colour-coded system, corresponds to the well-known TheraBand exercise band.


  • The sensible further development of the original TheraBand exercise band
  • For moderate muscle training all over the body
  • Easy handling thanks to the patented loop system "Easy Grip Loop"
  • Dimensions: 220 x 5 cm - corresponds to approx. 11 loops
  • latex-free 
  • also available as rolls (22 m)

Resistance levels available

  • light / yellow (1.4 kg): seniors, children
  • medium / red (1.7 kg): untrained women, adolescents
  • strong / green (2.1 kg): women, trained adolescents, untrained men
  • extra strong / blue (2.6 kg): well trained women, men
  • strong / black (3.3 kg): well-trained men, very well-trained women
  • super strong / silver (4.6 kg): very well trained men
  • maximum strength / gold (6.5 kg): competitive athlete, muscle building

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CLX Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are designed for comprehensive workouts that increase strength and build flexibility. They are perfect for use in gyms, physical therapy centres, and athletic facilities.

Change the Way You Exercise

TheraBand CLX Resistance Bands are the next evolution of stretch elastic bands. The loops enable workouts that can’t be done with old exercise bands. Using the loops can allow you to have better grip and move in ways that target muscles effectively.

Rehabilitation Recovery and Recover

The limitless capabilities of the CLX exercise Bands make them a perfect tool for recovering from injuries and surgery. They can be used to increase your range of motion in ligaments, muscles, and joints while recovering. CLX Bands are the perfect aid in any rehab regimen.


  • Resistance band with spaced grip loops allow for unique exercises that can’t be done with standard resistance bands
  • Available in seven resistance levels for custom workouts and progressive rehabilitation regimens
  • Hand loops enable the bands to be used for upper and lower body exercises simultaneously for comprehensive workout plans
  • Download the free CLX App for an extensive library of exercises you can do at home, in the gym, or on the go
  • Made from latex-free, powderless material that comes in a Novaplus dispenser box
  • Great tool for physiotherapists, personal trainers, athletes and fitness instructors

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