Theraband Dynamic Ball Cushions 50cm Black with Senso Knobs

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Thera-band Dynamic Ball Cushions
50cm with knobs

The usage of the Thera-Band Ball Cushion is recommended by physiotherapists because of the diverse therapeutical exercises which can be executed with it. The ball cushion can also be used at work, at school or at the kitchen table. While sitting on the cushion the posture of the body will be improved; a straight and active bearing will be adopted automatically. Moreover, exercises with the Thera-Band Ball Cushion provide an improvement of the back and pelvic floor muscles as well as an improvement of the coordination and balance of the body.

The Thera-Band Ball Cushion Senso has two different sides. One side with a flat surface and the other side with Senso-knobs. The knobs are providing a massage for the buttocks, back, and foot. The flexible structure of the knobs provides air circulation and a comfortable transfer of the movements of the spine when sitting on the Thera-Band Ball Cushion Senso. 

Thera-Band Ball Cushion Senso is available in three sizes:

  • Green: 33 cm
  • Blue: 36 cm
  • Black: 50 cm

Specification Thera-Band Ball Cushion Senso:

  • Can be used everywhere: At home, work, school
  • Two sides: One side with knobs and a flat side
  • Recommended by physiotherapists
  • Good for pelvic floor and back muscles
  • Provides an active and straight posture
  • Suitable for physiotherapy, exercise therapy and balance exercises
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