Thera-band Exercise Stability Trainers black extra soft

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Thera-band Exercise Stability Trainers
Black - Extra Unstable

Maintain posture

TheraBand's stability trainers are used to improve joint and trunk stability (posture), to improve movement patterns and thus reduce the risk of falls and injuries. The stability trainers are suitable for stabilization, balance and proprioception training in prevention, rehabilitation and sport. Thanks to higher demands on the musculature, the TheraBand stability trainers can liven up conventional exercises.

The TheraBand stability trainers have an anti-slip surface and are ideal for balance training and rehabilitation of the lower extremities. The extra-soft black stability trainer is also filled with air and thus offers particularly high lability for demanding balance exercises. In addition, it offers an additional nubbed surface structure for targeted proprioception training.

  • train stability, balance and posture
  • with anti-slip surface
  • Material: closed-cell foam (green and blue) or PVC (black) - easy cleaning and disinfection possible
  • Max. Load capacity: 136 kg
  • nubbed surface of the black stability trainer offers additional sensorimotor stimulation
  • can be combined with the exercise band, tubing or the TheraBand training station
  • Instructions for use (English)

Available degrees of hardness

Please note: the higher the degree of hardness, the lower the level of difficulty!

  • Fixed (green): Seniors, people with motor weaknesses, fall prevention / rehabilitation
  • soft (blue): normally trained people, returners, rehabilitation, general or sport-specific balance training
  • unstable (black): coordinatively trained people, coordination training, sensomotirical training (nubbed side)

Note: Due to production reasons, the stability trainers may experience slight size differences. This does not limit the functionality.

Uses of TheraBand stability trainer:

  • Strengthen leg muscles
  • Trunk and back muscles strengthening
  • Practising balance and proprioception
  • Injury treatment
  • Reflexology
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Fitness


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